Drunkblogging Thursday's GOP Debate

The setup tonight.

Florida has 99 GOP delegates up for grabs in a winner-take-all vote next week.

Carson is out -- but CNN reports "multiple sources" say he'll endorse Trump.

Rubio has to win Florida just to stay in the race, but the best polls show him trailing by 7.

Cruz probably needs to win Florida if he's going to have a chance of taking the lead from Trump.

Rubio probably can't win Florida. Cruz can't win Florida without Rubio dropping out, and taking the lion's share of Rubio's support. Rubio shows no sign of dropping, despite some public warnings from his donors. Cruz doesn't have the leverage in Rubio's home state to force Rubio out.

Some polls show Clinton clobbering Trump in the general. Others show Trump couldn't even win against Sanders. Clearly then, Trump is the man to beat tonight -- unless he isn't.

So it looks like another circular firing squad in the making.

Pour yourself something nice while we wait for the curtain to rise.

No need for a big wrap-up tonight -- that will come on Tuesday night after the polls close.

Since I can't hold my breath that long, instead maybe those of us who aren't in one of next week's primary states should take the weekend off from politics and spend a little quality time with friends on family.

See you back in the fight on Monday then?

Closing statements -- a complete waste of their time and ours at this late date.

It may be closer than a lot of people expect, due to some shady poll numbers.

But... yeah, probably.

Are we there yet?

Trump says he's turned down "probably $275 million" in donations.

Dear Marco: Not every answer has to be a SOTU excerpt.

"Believe me, I haven't even started on her yet."

Trump on Hillary.

Well -- why not?

Question to Trump: If you don't have a majority of delegates, would another nominee be legitimate?

Answer: Not really, and something about a "totally random number."

Kasich just outed himself as a math-denier.