Drunkblogging the New Hampshire Democratic Debate

Drunkblogging the New Hampshire Democratic Debate

It was a debate about nothing.

Not exactly nothing. Each candidate thinks that they're The One to beat Trump, and said so forcefully. Or in the case of Biden and Sanders, loudly.

But in terms of undoing all the gains made over the last three years, the seven candidates stand as one.

So they have that going for them, which isn't nice for us.

But as a debate over ideas, it wasn't a debate at all. Exact same ideas, varying only (and barely) in who would do the mostest fundamental transformation the fastest.

I don't think that's an easy sell in an economy with record-high confidence levels.

"Four more years" probably has a much nicer ring to it.

And that's it for tonight, but I honestly can't wait to drunkblog the New Hampshire results on Tuesday. They can't all lose, but some of them surely will -- and what a thrill that will be.

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That ought to keep you busy for a while -- I'll see you bright and early on Monday.

Thanks for tuning in.