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Drunkblogging the Midterm Results

Your Friendly Neighborhood VodkaPundit checking in.

I have ice bucket of unusual size. I have a 1.75 bottle of Grey Goose. I have an industrial strength cocktail shaker and the world's first robot liver.

I have Fox News for the news, and MSNBC for the schadenfreude.

Let the drunkblogging begin.

Thanks for tuning in.

I'll leave you with one last thing before I take a large glass of water with my prescription-strength ibuprofen.

The big fights are yet to come, but the army we have is larger and perhaps more prepared to fight than the army we had.

And that's it for now.

Holy crap.

Tillis wins in NC.

Holy crap.

Ernst wins handily.

Fox says 25,000 votes left to count in NH, that they still call for Shaheen, and that Brown refuses to concede.

Tillis up 1.8% in NC.

I personally like Juan Williams. I'd like to shoot the bull with him over drinks, on a totally OTR session where we could both let it all out.

So it's sad watching him drown right now, with no one throwing him a life jacket.

Idaho red, no surprise.