Drunkblogging the Democratic Debate: Impeach THIS!

And then there were seven.

Tonight's lineup:

Joe Biden (D-Burisma, Once Removed)

Pete Buttigieg (NTTAWWT-Indiana)

Amy Klobuchar (D-Wisconsin or perhaps Minnesota)

Bernie Sanders (D-Moscow)

Tom Steyer (D-Money)

Elizabeth Warren (D-Up for Debate, so to speak)

Andrew Yang (Free Money Guy)

Expectations are so low that CNN is headlining the thing with "The smallest and least diverse Democratic debate."

On the other hand, Trump was just impeached -- we're 85% sure on that -- so they'll probably have something to talk about.

The drunkblog begins...


It's over!

No big wrap from me -- I'll leave that to my more sober and less exhausted PJM colleagues.

I just hope you enjoyed the drunkblog, and didn't have to endure too much actual "debate" awfulness. And I'd just finish with one last tip of the hat to the PBS moderators, who distinguished themselves tonight with some tough questions. Almost as much as your comments and support, they made my night.

So until next time: Cheers!

Biden: "It's seven days out from Christmas."

Six, but whatevs.


Warren: "Did you call my name?"

Seriously, she wasn't paying attention. And then went right into Stump Speech 3.1, the Short Form.

Bore. Ing.

Buttigieg: Something, something, "crisis of belonging."

I don't even speak this language and so I have no idea what he's trying to say.

Klobuchar: I had it rough, really rough, I tell ya. I had an uncle so poor, he had to steal his schtick from Rodney Dangerfield.

Yang: "How am I still on this stage with them?"

He really said that. You really want to like this guy. Hell, I'd buy him a drink if we ever met, even though he could buy me a million or two times over.

Steyer: I'm rich, but not the bad kind of rich, so you can trust me to stick it to rich people like Trump, but not to the good rich people I won't mention.

Closing statement rapid fire round...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? How did Steyer make the stage tonight?

Anyway, short break before closing statements.

Back in a sec...