Drunkblogging Obama's State of the Union Address

Drunkblogging Obama's State of the Union Address

Ernst is doing the best she can, and she's not bad if we grade on the Empty Studio Teleprompter Scale.

But how about we -- Democrats and Republicans -- think outside the empty studio box.

How about a town hall? The Official Response could come from a skilled parliamentarian, talking WITH not TO an audience of Americans who have just watched the SOTU.

There might even be a Q&A give-and-take after the initial Office Response, which would be a real reason for real people to tune in.

Ernst is doing about as well as anyone could expect, given the limits of a really crappy format -- like casting 1950s Marlon Brando as the guest star in a 1983 episode of Family Ties.

Actually, just think of Brando in Superman: The Movie, phoning it in off of cue cards. Sure, he could do it -- and so can Ernst. But what you really want to see is Brando sharing the stage with his equals.

I'd love to see Ernst, or any other Official Responder, sharing a stage with their equals -- high-information American voters.

We need less artifice. Or more cocktails. But I've hit my limit on cocktails, so my message to the GOP for #SOTU2016 is: Give me one less reason to drink just one less cocktail.

And this time, I'm sherioush.