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Drunkblogging the Second GOP Presidential Debate

Are you ready?

I am.

Judging by what I've seen of the Kiddie Table Debate, Lindsey Graham is way out ahead of me on the martinis.

And so it begins.

I was going to write a big close, but it went on two cocktails too long, and anyway Jerry Stratton did a far smarter and more succinct job than I'm capable of at this point.

More tomorrow.


But if tonight was any kind of standard of excellence, the RNC has some serious rethinking to do about what makes a good debate, what sells to voters, and how to make a winning candidate.

Serious rethinking.

"That concludes..."

Jake Tapper, finally showing mercy

"Deal with the structural fiscal problems."

-Jeb Bush, inspiring

Yes, it hasn't ended.

"A few last questions..."

-Jake Tapper, saving my family from years of grief and confusion

"I grew up in the '50s."

-Huck, demonstrating his relevance to voters under 60.

"He's an OK doctor."

Carson on Trump, displaying his subtle humor for the first time tonight.

More like that, please, Doctor.

Trump should not talk about vaccinations.

He should also not talk about... stuff..