Drunkblogging CNN's Democratic Presidential Debate

Drunkblogging CNN's Democratic Presidential Debate

The debate was everything we expected -- and less.

Nobody was willing to take on Clinton's biggest weaknesses, and so Hillary didn't have to get down in the dirt with the plebes -- where she would have lost.

Anderson Cooper had his thumb on the scale for Clinton like Candy Crowley with her entire self on the scale for Obama in 2012.

The pundits can claim "X had a good night because of Y," but none of that matters because nobody drew blood on Clinton. She'll take a hit in Iowa, get creamed in New Hampshire -- then come back swinging in South Carolina. Nothing we saw tonight changes that electoral math. She'll be the Democrats' Comeback Kid of 2016, a mere quarter century after her husband earned that title -- for real -- in his race for the nomination.

And how does tonight play in November? I'll repeat something I blogged/tweeted a little earlier this evening.