Cyber Monday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

About that Pocahontas "racial slur" --

to which I observe:

Oh my:

Personally, I do wish the president would make an effort to be a bit more presidential and stop with the name-calling. I get why he does it -- he's branding his detractors with what Scott Adams likes to call "kill shots."

It was a brutally effective campaign strategy -- "Low Energy Jeb," "Little Marco," "Lyin' Ted," and "Crooked Hillary" never recovered from Trump's negative branding. But now that he's president, I'd really like to see him wean himself off of this habit. It drives liberals insane and it's really not good for the country to be this divided.

I understand the temptation to give President Trump a pass. Most of the media, Hollywood, the DC swamp, etc. are against him, so he may as well fight back by firing on all cylinders.

But Trump said he wants to be a uniter. He can start by knocking it off.

That said, I think White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders handled this line of questioning very well, today:

First lady Melania Trump has chosen classic, traditional decor for her family's first Christmas in the White House, USA Today reports.

New this year are wreaths hanging from the exterior of every window. Another new touch are glistening wintry branches lining an East Wing hallway that leads guests to a tree decorated with the Trump family's official Christmas ornament, a gold-toned bauble featuring the presidential coat of arms surrounded by a wreath of holly.

It looks wonderful:

This is adorable:

We really do have an exceptional first lady.

The road to Hell -- in Portland, Ore., at least -- is paved with liberal good intentions and a large dose of naivete:

Columbia Sportswear may be the next business to flee downtown Portland after a series of frightening encounters with the city's homeless population, including car break-ins, human waste dumped by the office's front door and threats to its employees.

In an op-ed piece published earlier this month by The Oregonian, Columbia Sportswear President and CEO Tim Boyle said he is concerned he made a mistake when he opened a headquarters for the company’s Sorel footwear brand downtown, calling the situation "outrageous and unacceptable."

"In fact, I am so concerned about the safety of our employees at the Sorel headquarters that we are taking the next 90 days to re-evaluate our location decision," Boyle wrote. Since moving the 50 employees downtown, workers immediately reported being harassed and threatened by homeless individuals near the new offices.

Disgusting details at the link on top. Near the end of the David Dinkins administration, New York City was in a similar place: filthy and flea-ridden, with legions of "homeless" squegee men and other beggars everywhere. Finally, even the liberals of Manhattan had had enough and voted in Rudy Giuliani, who brought in Bill Bratton as police chief, and almost overnight the city was livable again. Intentions are not enough: it takes willpower to make the village work.

I can't wait.