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Bibi Netanyahu's Speech: Liveblog

Fox: This speech becomes a major talking point in the 2016 elections, because Clinton and Warren -- who boycotted speech -- will need to answer for their Iran deal position quickly.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D), who did not attend, just stated he did so because he did not want to be "a political prop" for Netanyahu's election.

Here's Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D) being a political prop last year in Eric Cantor's election. So I understand his reticence.

A lukewarm Paul?


Jeffrey Goldberg: "This seems like the GOP response to the State of the Union." He's right. I wish the GOP had this ability.

Andrea Mitchell: "Pelosi seemed agitated and uncomfortable for long stretches during the speech."

On Twitter, "Goons in Gaza" is trending, which Netanyahu stated during speech. And yes, it's trending because people are offended by the referring to of Hamas as "goons."