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Trump squeaks out a win in Michigan with all 83 counties reporting, according to the Michigan Secretary of State website.

Via Michigan Live:

The website showed 2,277,586 votes for Trump and 2,264,361 for Hillary Clinton.

That's 47.6 percent for Trump and 47.33 percent for Clinton, margin of 0.27 percent.

Trump called it:

Look what's trending on Twitter:

First thing on the chopping block. The people have spoken:

Hillary's concession speech. Enjoy:

Let's give the last word to Hillary Rodham Clinton. May we never see the likes of her again:

Final thoughts: A great Senate victory, with Ron Johnson unexpectedly pulling off the win. With Lisa Murkowski's victory in Alaska, Republicans have 51 seats. New Hampshire is still too close to call. Louisiana will go to a run-off next month. Overall, a Republican win as the polls predicted.

Donald Trump won a surprising victory, taking states that he was not supposed to win like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. He looks to be performing strongly in Michigan and Minnesota as well. Those states, along with New Hampshire and Arizona, are too close to call. Consider the blue wall shattered.

I don't know whether Trump was actually ahead in early voting, but the demographics analysis in this post seems accurate: a larger white turnout, larger Hispanic turnout, but lower black turnout and young voter turnout.

Finally, while Trump does not represent me and I still fear he does not truly represent conservatism, I will hope and pray that he ends up governing according to his promises. We will keep a close eye on his actions going forward. His victory speech was impressive and surprisingly humble — let's hope that sets a new tone.

Say goodnight, lefties.

MSNBC got around to calling it for Trump in the chyron while he was giving his victory speech.