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Live from DNC: It's a Mad World (Day 2)


The Procession to the Future was delayed -- into the future! -- by the antics of this nutcase. Of course, the crowds shouting him down as a fascist sounded a wee bit fascistic themselves. Even if they were right.


You ever try dropping a Schwinn on a cave full of al Qaeda thugs? It's not nearly as satisfying.


This is Veggie Momma. I didn't see any Veggie Kiddies around, although I do have a sudden craving for cherry tomatoes. Or are those the vegetarian equivalent of eating veal?


He might have had better luck if he'd been carrying his sign somewhere other than the 16th Street Mall, which is for pedestrians only.


"Republicans for Obama." I finally found one. One. Meanwhile, there are PUMAs everywhere.


The Procession even included an inflatable Lady Liberty, which despite their best efforts persisted in leaning to the right.