Live from DNC: 'Ask Charlie Anything'

Aug. 26, 01:22 am

Finally made it home.  Considering that I left downtown Denver at 9:45 for a 45 minute trip, I think you can deduce that the mass transit system is not coping at all well with the convention.

This is just a quick tease, and I don't know whether it will show up as my last post on Monday (anyone still awake in the office?) or my first on Tuesday, but I can tell you it turned out to be a more exciting afternoon than I expected.  I met Michelle Malkin, and ended up being an impromptu bodyguard while a nut case named Alex Jones (look him up yourself, I won't dignify him with a link, even to his Wikipedia page) tried to incite his minions to assault her.

Let me be real clear: this paragon of nobility --- who is about 5' 8" and 270 pounds --- was screaming abuse in Michelle's face while trying to incite his henchmen to physically punish her for what he felt were improper ideas.  When I interposed myself, he tried shoving me around and delivered at least one blow to my back.

And yes, there is video.

It took a while, but I've started to get angry.  Not so much at this clown trying to push me around --- I don't push around real easily, and frankly when it takes most of a day before I figure out I should be angry I mostly don't notice when someone does try --- but at this imitation of masculinity threatening a 95 pound woman and needing a mob to do it.  And even more so that a dozen mounted police and a half dozen on foot didn't interfere with it as he did so, leaving it to a couple of civilians to protect her.

We'll see what the video shows after I cut my feet out of my poorly-chosen shoes and get some rest, but I'm going to be very curious to catch up with the Mayor tomorrow and ask him if that's the policy he encourages the police to apply.

Oh, and this is not the "world's most boring riot" that Michelle referred to -- that was later.

And so to bed. 

1:15 pm PST

So, just some quick updates. I went to the press conference with Silver Salazar, Carly Fiorina --- well, I'll just give you the list as it came in the press release:

RNC Victory Chairman Carly Fiorina, Colorado Democrats for McCain Chairman Silver Salazar, Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Tim Penny (MN-01), Wisconsin Hillary Clinton delegate Debra Bartoshevich, and Women for Fair Politics organizer Cynthia Ruccia will host a "Citizens for McCain" press conference today during the Democratic National Convention to discuss why many Independent and Democratic voters are supporting John McCain's positive vision for America.

It was my first press conference as press, which may not sound like that big a deal but when you get to my age the first times come less often than they used to. In any case, it was interesting; I met Silver in person after he was interviewed in Spanish by a Spanish TV net. (He seemed a little surprised that I'd understood; I was just glad I wasn't being interviewed in Spanish.) Seems like a great guy, and I hope to catch up with him sometime again.

Also met Carly, who was pleasant but harried. I suspect that, however hysterical this seems to me, it's got to be a thousand times worse for her.

Annoyingly, I realized that I have seen lots of Republicans so far, but haven't talked with any Democrats. Emailed Roger and the editors for some contacts, and got a couple of good suggestions for contacts, and a request from Roger. You'll see the outcome of those soon.

I will say the urge to answer "Wilco, Roger," is almost irresistible.

* * *

Okay, before I bolt back to the convention, let me catch my first couple of "Ask Charlie Anything" questions.

John from Portland asks: "This may sound like an 'I-came-to-the-car-race-to-see-a-crash' type question but, have you seen any altercations between Hillary and Obama supports so far? Are Hillary supporters wearing Hill buttons/hats/t-shirts? I'm curious about the level of civility."

If you've been watching the TV coverage, I'm sure you've been seeing that this is the big story today. Clearly (see below) the McCain campaign thinks this is a great idea.

I'll tell you what I'm seeing. There are plenty of people wearing Hillary paraphernalia, and plenty of people selling stuff, including some of the traditional goofy hats. (One selling a sort of blue Hillary cheese-head; I wish I'd have gotten a picture.)