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Live from DNC: Hillary the Angry Populist, Part II (Day 3)

She also promised "to join with our allies to confront our shared challenges," including global warming. Perhaps recycling her campaign rhetoric was part of that effort.


If you couldn't make it to Denver, you're not really missing much in terms of politics. In fact, the convention site might be the worst place to watch the convention.

The convention is a "made for TV event," progressive blogger David Goldstein said. "Being a political junkie and seeing almost every convention on TV since I was five years old, I almost feel like I'm missing this one being on the floor."

Access to the Pepsi Center is overrated, says Goldstein, a Seattle resident who is one of the "50 state" bloggers credentialed to cover the convention.

"It's kind of like going to a football game," he said. "It's really exciting, but you can really watch the game better on TV. So I can see the reaction of the crowd, but I have no idea how this is playing to the millions of Americans watching at home."


Tuesday afternoon, the Revolutionary Communist Party showed up on 16th Street and did an impromptu counterprotest of a pro-life demonstration. The pro-lifers had apparently timed their protest to coincide with Hillary Clinton's speech to the Emily's List gala at the Sheraton Hotel. Kaitlin Mahoney spent an hour engaged in a bullhorn duel with the RCP activists. Whatever the relative merits of communism and the right to life, the noise was an annoyance to diners at the streetside Capitol Bar at the Sheraton.