Live from DNC: Hillary Endorses Obama — Or Does She?

8:39 PM Several more minutes of hagiography, followed by ads. I swear I'm going to invoice PJM for the fifth of Grey Goose I go through tonight.

8:33PM To give you an idea, gentle reader, what a political convention is like, I've had a total of seven hours sleep in the last two nights, I've walked about ten miles, acquired a VERY nice tan, attended I don't know how many protests, filed two video reports, taken several hundred pictures, ridden four trains, driven about 300 miles, and consumed Alex Jones's weight in vodka. And now I'm stuck on a sofa waiting for a woman I can't stand to say uninteresting things about a party I won't vote for this year. THAT'S what it's like covering a convention.

8:28PM I'm hearing boos. Anyone know what those are about?

8:27PM (Crickets chirping.) (Which are somewhat reminiscent of her speaking voice.) (Actually several of her various speaking voices.) (I'll stop being parenthetical now.)

8:26PM There's a rumor Hillary will speak tonight.

8:20PM According to Brit Hume, Clinton has deigned to enter the Pepsi Center. I want you to remember this one thing tonight: After two double vodka rocks, I am still able to correctly use and spell the word "deigned."

8:18PM Obama! Watch score: Still 0. I'm keeping track only because I expect, at some time tonight, Clinton will actually, you know, speak. She was supposed to have started almost 20 minutes ago, according to the published schedule. Is this a planned delay, or is she showing up late to further snub The One?

8:16PM Fox News is running a Hillary hagiography. All I can think is, "THIS is CNN."

8:13PM We're just two minutes out from Hill's Big Snub. Can you feel the excitement? To steal a line from myself earlier today, all this stimulation has me politically... erect.

8:11PM Bill Kristol looks so lifelike.

8:09PM I'm drinking vodka, sure. But Fred Barnes just said Bill Clinton was the master of the "subtle insult." Whatever he's on can't be legal.

8:08PM I'm fortified with another cocktail, and a good thing, too -- because I'm seeing tape of Bill Clinton explaining why Obama sucks, then explaining that he wasn't really talking about Obama.

8:04PM The question Intrepid Video Dude Andrew Marcus had was, "Is Hillary going to make a move against Obama tonight?" Judging by that LA Times blog this afternoon, that seems like a real possibility. But remember: If you try to kill the king, you'd better succeed. She won't do it.

8:02PM I'm on the lookout for Griff Jenkins, who I need to buy a drink for. If anyone on the Pepsi Center floor is reading this and sees him, please pass that on.

8:00PM One more vodka rocks before Clinton comes on. Obama! Watch score: 0.

7:58PM One day soon, Bill Richardson will be the guy best known for his last words being, "Tell Hill I always liked her. It was nothing personal, just business."

7:56PM Watching Fox, Alan Colmes is giddily talking to Bill Richardson, who is sporting the same beard I tried to grow one August before my senior year of high school.

7:54PM (All times probably Mountain-ish) Live from Denver, it's Tuesday night! Welcome to Obama! Watch, the Hillary Edition. How many times will she speak His name? The over/under is... ZERO, according to a report today in the LA Times.