Live at the CNN Wisconsin Town Hall, It Looked Just as Rough for Trump as on TV

Both Cruz and Kasich mentioned that if Lewandowski held a post in either of their campaigns, he’d have been fired for his actions which had prompted his arrest and charging. Trump continued to defend those actions, characterizing the entire incident as a political hit job, and insinuating that he might sue Michelle Fields. (He ludicrously suggested that she might have been assaulting him by trying to ask questions after his press conference was over, and by claiming that her pen might have been a weapon).

Trump continued his pattern of mendacity by again repeating long-discredited lies about Scott Walker’s record as governor of Wisconsin. Among other things, Trump said that instead of passing Act 10, Walker’s signature legislation which prompted the nationally televised Madison riots, he mischaracterized a reported projected budget shortfall as a $2.2B deficit. Through judicious management, that has been averted. This attack was no way to win friends and influence people in Wisconsin, certainly not in that theater. At one point, Trump alleged that the theater was packed with Cruz supporters.

Perhaps Trump’s most poignant moment came during a question: An audience member said that her 93-year-old father found Trump’s children to be admirable, and asked why their father wouldn’t learn something about dignity and presidential deportment from them.

And this question came from a Trump supporter. Indeed.