Liberty-Loving Latinos Outshine Loud-Mouthed Leftist Latinos

If the presidency of Barack Obama was responsible for the conservative awakening in the Hispanic community, then the 2010 midterm elections may go down as the event that changed America’s perception of the Hispanic community.  Thanks to hardcore leftist elected officials and high-profile Hispanic activists, America has held the view that all Latinos believe in law breaking, open borders, and the importation of Latin American socialism into the United States.  These liberals have tried to follow the template set up by the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  It goes something like this: Anoint yourself the leader of a minority community by perpetuating victimhood and government reliance.  And then take your voting bloc and sell your community down the river in exchange for a seat of power at the Democrats' table.  There was only one problem with the plan; Hispanics didn’t want to give up on the American dream just yet.  Not the left's DREAM Act -- the actual American dream.

One of the best results of the conservative awakening in the Hispanic community was the surge of Latinos elected to high office in the 2010 elections.  Marco Rubio will be the next senator from Florida. Republican Brian Sandoval will be Nevada's first Latino governor. Susana Martinez is the newly elected GOP Latina who replaces a liberal Hispanic governor in New Mexico.  Bill Flores beat Pelosi rubber stamp Chet Edwards in Texas' 17th district.  And while we’re in the Lone Star State, Quico Canseco defeated Ciro Rodriguez.  Bear in mind that Rodriguez is one of those Latinos whose values are more in line with Fidel Castro than an American congressman.  These are just a few examples of Latinos -- over  six million voted in the 2010 midterms -- flexing their conservative muscles and making their views known through conservative representatives.

I’ve long held that Hispanics owe a debt of gratitude to African Americans.  They, more than any group, have shown us what allegiance to the Democratic Party can bring: the disintegration of the African American family, the targeting of black mothers for abortions by left-wing groups like Planned Parenthood, the lowering of the bar for African American students in state-sponsored schools. These are just the tip of the iceberg.  Oddly enough, I have the Reverend Al Sharpton to thank for my current view.  Back in 2003, when the good reverend was seeking the Democratic nomination for president, he said this: “We must no longer be the political mistresses of the Democratic Party.”  It was a rare moment of honesty and admission that he and compatriot Jesse Jackson may have made a mistake in taking the African American community down the road of victimhood, represented by the Democrats, instead of the road of empowerment, represented by the conservative wing of the GOP.  Sharpton’s words changed my life.  I was bound and determined that my family, any Hispanics that would listen, and I would never become victims and reliant on an all-powerful government for our existence.  But I knew I had powerful forces aligned against me.  I saw many leftist Latinos seeking to take the Hispanic community down Sharpton’s road of victimhood.

Take your pick of any Latino hate group. La Raza, Nation of Aztlan, the Brown Berets -- these are the anti-American groups that have sullied the reputations of all Latinos.  They get a lot of press.  But they’re not alone.  Groups like LULAC, Border Angels, the National Hispanic Media Coalition, and countless others have made it their mission to portray Latinos as a bunch of victims who need to be compensated for some slight perpetrated by white America.  They shout slogans like, “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.” They fly Mexican flags on the streets of America to protest adherence to the law.  They protest semantics, calling anyone a hate monger who dares call those that break the law “illegal immigrants.”  It’s all part of a well-coordinated campaign to blur the lines between American Latinos and those that enter the United States without permission.  The idea is to make citizen Latinos invested in those who break U.S. law to come here.  And it has been wildly successful.  Many first-generation Hispanics still regard illegals, from any Latin-American country, as “their people.”   But the veil of deception perpetrated by the aforementioned leftist groups has begun to lift.