Libertarian at CPAC Says Government Violating Rights of Religions That Support Same-Sex Marriage

Matt Spalding, associate vice president and dean of the Allan P. Kirby Jr. Center at Hillsdale College, said it is a violation of religious freedom for a state or the federal government to force anyone to recognize same-sex marriage.

“Even if we disagree, and we clearly do, we must have an agreement on religious liberty,” Spalding said. “There's a profound, deep and moral and religious objection to redefining marriage. Giving that power to that state is a destruction of the very liberty we cherish.”

Michael Medved, host of The Michael Medved Show, agreed that the issue comes down to religious freedom.

“Right now the key issue regarding marriage is not the definition of marriage anymore, it is one of religious liberty,” he said.

McCobin, however, added that the liberty of those religious institutions that support same-sex marriage has also been violated.

“The kind of religious liberty that has been infringed upon for decades has been the liberty of those whose religious practices support same-sex marriage,” he said. “The government has prohibited them from engaging in the religious practices that they want.”

Medved took issue with the assertion that same-sex marriage has been banned in any state, calling it “a liberal lie.”

Same-sex couples have been allowed to marry, but 33 states do not recognize these marriages as valid.

Medved, however, said he supports adoption by same-sex parents, getting some cheers from the audience.

He said a belief in federalism should nonetheless unite both libertarians and social conservatives and states should be able to decide for themselves without interference from the federal government.

“We right now have a great belief not only in religious conscience and the rights of religious conscience when it comes to marriage, but a great belief in federalism,” Medved said. “The idea that New York and California may have legitimated or recognized or decided that those states should sponsor gay marriage doesn't mean that Texas should be compelled by overreaching courts or anyone else to sponsor gay marriage.”