Liberalomania: Don't Drink the Water in D.C.

As a mother, I am well versed in what I call the blame game. For years, someone named “Not Me” has been wreaking havoc on my home. And, since the birth of my son two years ago, my poor, perfectly immaculate children have cleaned up countless messes made by the elusive “He Did It.”

Considering I was once a young child and a sibling to four other young children, I think that makes me a blame game expert.  My experience gives me the knowledge that, like my siblings and me, my own children will grow out of the blame game and mature towards personal responsibility. And my research suggests that when an individual remains in a perpetual blame game state, he or she should be evaluated for a mental illness.

That’s why I am worried about the president.

Although it’s long been argued that liberalism in itself is a mental disorder, it usually remains relatively benign. However, if left untreated, the initial infection of liberalism could continue attacking the central nervous system.  In some cases, it takes over the entire reasoning center of the brain, and the full-blown disease, liberalomania, sets in.

Liberalomania is a progressive (no pun intended), degenerative form of dementia. Like megalomania and many other personality disorders, some of its characteristics are narcissism and delusions of grandeur.

Liberalomanics are master manipulators and skilled blame-gamers.  They not only create perceptions of victimization within themselves, but also succeed in cultivating similar feelings within their voting-aged followers. They see themselves as perfect beings, free from sin, who should therefore receive infinite entitlements. Believing in their superiority, they often are condescending and use manipulation to force others to submit to their will.

Like a cry for help, President Obama consistently shows signs of liberalomania.

The first sign is his limitless use of the blame game.  Most of the problems ailing Americans today are still blamed on the Bush administration. During the health care bill debate, Obama repeatedly pointed his finger at “Big Pharma,” health insurance companies, and even the nation’s physicians. Although he was a senator at the time, the financial meltdown was Wall Street’s fault and had nothing to do with our Democratic Congress’ failed policies for which he voted. And, he blames the tea party for lacking civil discourse while he uses words like “tea baggers,” insults groups and leaders around the globe, and demonizes those who do not share his ideologies.