Liberal or conservative: Do you vote what you eat?

I tend to find these sorts of cultural comparisons of liberals vs conservatives interesting. This one is on food: Conservatives tend to think McDonald's fries are #1, while liberals favor "bistro fries," mostly because they like saying the word "bistro." For the same reason, while conservatives prefer pastas like spaghetti, liberals prefer pastas that hardly anyone can pronounce, mostly because they think they sound smart pronouncing them.

According to the survey, liberals live up to the "fruity" label, since they're more likely than conservatives to eat fresh fruit every day.

In general, looking over the survey, I'm probably a food liberal because I don't consider Chinese to be "exotic" food, though conservatives are more likely to. And I'm definitely a thin crust guy when it comes to pizza (conservatives are more likely to favor deep dish pizza). I probably skew the survey because my household is pretty exotic and I've lived overseas. That does strange things to your palate.

But, based on one factor alone, I can never be a liberal on food or anything else. Liberals are more likely to consider a bacon cheeseburger to be "disgusting." I ask you, is this "disgusting?"

Every sane person who eats bacon knows that bacon makes everything better. And bacon cheeseburgers, whether from McDonald's or Five Guys or wherever, are the modern food of the gods.