Liberal Bloggers Crash and Burn on Bogus Palin Divorce Rumor

Boom. Up go the polling numbers yet again, with minimal effort on Palin’s part. I think the woman is pure gold on these things. One simply cannot extinguish a rumor with any greater force, save perhaps dropping a nuke on the house of the author of the rumor. We see once again that the chief rumor monger is Alaskan CNN stringer Dennis Zaki of the Alaska Report website Moran mentions. Zaki and his website, you may recall, were involved in the spread of some seriously vicious rumors about Trig Palin and his parentage -- rumors some on the left have been fixated on since the Republican convention.

In fact, Zaki has been on the attack for years, with anything and everything that sounds even remotely plausible. The problem is, the divorce fiction being reported as fact is hardly unique. It’s merely the latest in a long line of such nonsense. You’d think places like CNN would stop using sources like Zaki.

It’s really enough to cause one to wonder a little about the sanity of Palin’s opposition. If Palin really is the idiot they keep making her out to be, why is it they feel they must make stuff up to generate attacks on her?

And let’s face it, the record of success of such attacks isn’t very good. Foul rumors gets quelled with lead-pipe certainty every single time. You would think that eventually they’d stop trying after so many failures. If she’s so much the idiot, what does it say about her attackers when they come away bloodied and broken after each attack attempt? Do you suppose it's possible they’re desperate now and are tossing anything and everything at the wall hoping that something will eventually stick?

Hate will make people do strange and desperate things, and trust me, a fair amount of Palin's attackers hate her.

Meanwhile, we sit and watch as those stories about Democratic corruption, elections violations, and malfeasance get ignored outright.

It seems to me that this goes directly to motivation. Political motivation. They know very well indeed that the woman spells trouble for the Democrats going into 2010 and 2012.

As to why Palin is the target of such attacks, it’s because she's the one who has the support of the GOP rank and file. Thus, she is the one who poses the biggest threat to the Democrats.

And if you’re in shark-infested waters, you tend to attack the shark closest to you.