Liberal Bloggers Crash and Burn on Bogus Palin Divorce Rumor

By now you have probably seen the wave of Sarah Palin rumors in the dinosaur media and the liberal blogs' focus on the story that Sarah Palin and husband Todd are headed for divorce because of extramarital affairs by both. As you may imagine, the rumor was like a dream come true for many lefty bloggers.

PJM's own Rick Moran looks at this issue at American Thinker and raises a great point:

Several Alaska bloggers hounded the former Alaskan governor with bogus ethics complaints while she was in office -- Alaska Report being one of them. Could a little payback be at play here?

I don’t doubt there are serious motivations for such tactics, but I suspect it runs a bit deeper than payback. Moran openly admits he’s being highly speculative. In that same spirit, here are a few thoughts and ideas.

Look at the "name in the paper" syndrome that followed Palin resigning her office and the stir that caused on the left. Not only did she reinforce her name recognition with that move with publicity you couldn't buy from the dinosaur media at any price, but the press attacks on her actually brought out a lot of sympathy from grassroots types who don’t like and don’t trust the dinosaur media anyway.

I am beginning to think Palin played the press for fools on that one. All an accident? Perhaps, but I doubt it. Think of it in the following way. What could she have possibly done by plan or accident to get more press, more name recognition, and more favorable polling reactions from voters than resign as governor? That degree of success smacks to me of planning.

Her position thus reinforced with grassroots Republicans, the left took up the call on this "divorce" rumor, apparently wanting desperately to take a little of her momentum away. In so doing, the left apparently found the answer for Palin and her people to the question of what might give her even greater name recognition and voter sympathy. The beauty is, she didn’t even have to lift a finger this time around. All she had to do was to answer the rumor with:

Divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd? I may be just a renegade hockey mom, but I’m not blind!