Lew Urges Newly Sworn U.S. Citizens to Back Pathway for Illegals

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew congratulated new U.S. citizens at a naturalization ceremony for their “extraordinary accomplishment,” telling the honorees that their citizenship “took hard work” since “nobody gave this to you.”

Lew then praised the Senate immigration reform bill for offering citizenship to individuals living in the U.S. illegally.

“I stand here as a first-generation American and as secretary of the Treasury of the United States. This is something that my parents could never have foreseen half a century ago,” Lew said at the Department of Treasury in the Cash Room on Wednesday.

“Each of you has taken a separate journey, and each of you has your own story of challenges overcome. It took incredible resolve to become an American citizen. You had to work for it. Nobody gave this to you.”

In keeping with the “no one gave this to you” theme of his remarks, Lew highlighted some of the new U.S. citizens’ stories.

“No one gave this to Hazrat Khan, who came here from Afghanistan and has devoted his career to helping vulnerable people around the world withstand political conflict and natural disasters,” Lew said.

“No one gave this to Mahad Abdille. He fled war-torn Somalia when he was 16 years old without knowing a word of English. But he seized the chance to rebuild his life by learning the language of his new country, making friends and finding work.”

Following these examples, Lew made a pitch for support of the immigration bill passed by the Senate last week, which legalizes millions of illegal immigrants, as helpful for the economy.

“There's a bipartisan immigration bill before Congress that would fix our broken immigration system. This comprehensive legislation does a number of things. It strengthens our borders. It provides a pathway to earn citizenship for the 11 million people who are here illegally and it will boost economic growth,” Lew said.

“The bill would drive growth by bringing highly skilled scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to the United States. At the same time the bill would create a new wave of consumers, who will fuel demand and generate economic activity. The effect will be enormous: more new businesses, more new jobs and more exports.”