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Levin Destroys Republicans Opposing Commonsense Iran Amendments: 'Lying, No Good for Nothing, Preposterous and Pathetic!'

On his radio show yesterday, Mark "The Great One" Levin did something he usually doesn't -- or at least not to this degree. He truly blasted, if not utterly destroyed, Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate for opposing amendments to the now notorious Iran bill, which grants President Obama the power to do whatever he wants to do in order to get a deal with Iran.

The first amendment literally says this:

To require a certification that Iran has not directly supported or carried out an act of terrorism against the United States or a United States person anywhere in the world.

You'd think that's a rather low threshold to hold a country to, but for Republican leaders -- not just for Democrats -- it was "a bridge too far." Eight of them voted against it. 

It's shocking to the extreme, which is why Levin went off on an epic rant. He called out every single one of the eight Republican senators voting against it:

"We have eight Republicans who voted 'no' on this amendment. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee. Just got reelected. Had gone back to Tennessee promising Tea Party groups he's a real conservative... He's a lying, no good for nothing. Dan Coats of Indiana who has announced he's not running for reelection. So this man feels he's as free to be as irresponsible as he chooses. The preposterous, pathetic egomaniac Corker, of Tennessee... The absolutely absurd Jeff Flake of Arizona. Lindsey Graham, who has the nerve to attack Rand Paul - he has the nerve to attack Rand Paul on foreign policy, when Lindsey Graham is helping to lead the way against this amendment! Orrin Hatch, an absolute unmitigated fraud. John McCain, who is up for reelection Arizona! - but you have an open primary system and he's relying on non-conservatives and non-Republicans to get him the nomination the way Lindsey Graham did in South Carolina. And Senator Perdue from Georgia; I don't get it, hopefully he'll put out a statement and explain himself."

Being "the good little communists they are," Democrats will vote for whatever bill President Obama wants them to support, but what about these eight Republican sellouts? They're supposed to be conservative, to stand up for the Constitution and America's national security. What excuse do they have? None. They have nothing.

The above is awful enough, but it becomes even worse. Levin pointed out that Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has agreed to block another proposed amendment from even coming to a vote. This "controversial" amendment put forward by Senator Marco Rubio would force Iran to recognize and accept Israel as a Jewish state. In other words, to accept reality. What happened next is that "leftwing kook" Democratic Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland went over to McConnell and insisted he wouldn't allow a vote on the Rubio amendment. It's almost unbelievable, but McConnell caved in.