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Let's Use All the Data This Time: Are Stand Your Ground Laws Racist?

Each year, the FBI compiles the number of homicide offenders by race where they know the offender’s race. After 2005, blacks have gradually accounted for a greater share of all homicides, trending from 48% to 50% of all offenders, while white attackers trended from 48% to 46%. This coincides with the national increase in justifiable homicides involving black attackers, and may explain why black attackers account for a larger percentage of all justifiable homicides in recent years:


Our president’s administration wants to “review” Stand Your Ground” laws for racial reasons, and “researchers” stepped in to manipulate data to “prove” that Stand Your Ground laws create “racial disparities.”

Isn’t using partial datasets to justify an anti-self-defense agenda racist in itself, and especially when restricted self-defense laws create racial disparities by inhibiting blacks’ civil right of self-defense?

Citing the same data source and using a complete dataset show that racism isn’t an issue with Stand Your Ground laws, but with those who deliberately ignore facts.

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