Let's Take Some Pride in Obama's Election — No Matter Who We Voted For

We have a black president.

Yes, we have a new president. We have a Democrat president. But we have a black president, and that's an important distinction to make, because it means something.

It means this nation has progressed. It means the line Jackie Robinson broke in 1947 has been extended to the farthest possible reaches.  Imagine going back in time to 1955 and telling Rosa Parks, "One day a black man will be president."  It would be like going back to the 1940s and telling people we would one day walk on the Moon or fly to Mars.  What seemed impossible in one time, becomes reality in another. That is progress.  Progress is something to be proud of.

Of course, we elected Obama the man, not just the black man. We elected his ideals, his vision, and his hope.  We elected him because we wanted change.  And now that the time for change is here, we need to embrace it, all of us.

As Americans, it is in our best interest to greet each new president with hope.  Regardless of whether you voted for Obama, he is going to be your president.  Each new president needs to be given the benefit of the doubt from the people who did not vote for him.  He may not be your choice, but he is your president. This is your country. What better way to usher in new leadership in the White House than with a country that can come together and hope for the best?

I have been on the losing end of elections before. I know the feeling of despair, the feeling of rejection and even anger that comes after your candidate loses. I may have been disappointed and perhaps a bit angry, but the one thing I always remained, above my emotions, is an American. As a whole, we all want what we think is best for the country. Isn't coming together to support our new president  part of what is best?