Let's Stay Sequestered: Obama Hosts Soul Show

Ken Ehrlich, the executive producer of the show, quipped to the audience that the performance featured so many Otis Redding songs that it was dubbed "Otis for POTUS."

Warming up the audience, Ehrlich led the crowd in practicing rhythmic clapping to a recording of "Respect," then praised the white people in the room for catching on, according to the White House pool report.

Obama walked onstage to Booker T. & the M.G.s' tune "Green Onions" and quipped he would be swapping the song for "Hail to the Chief" from here on out. "Little change in tradition," he quipped.

Reporters were ushered out of the room after one song, but not before spotting Jill Biden in a leopard-print dress.

The show was streamed live on the White House website -- and the Drudge Report -- and will be aired April 16 on PBS.

Earlier in the day, at the Memphis Soul Workshop hosted by Michelle Obama, the first lady said "the White House is buzzing with excitement today as we celebrate the rhythmic groove of Memphis soul."

"As you listen, I want you all to keep one thing in mind -- and I try to say this to every young person that I encounter that walks through those doors -- but realize that none of these folks up here arrived here on the basis of talent alone," Obama told the schoolchildren picked to come to the event. "They're here because they've been working hard to perfect their craft since they were at least your age and many of them even younger."

Tomorrow night, after his budget is finally unveiled, Obama will once again whip out his wine-and-dine agenda to take more Senate Republicans out to eat -- just hours before the gun-bill cloture vote.

"He looks forward to this," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters at the daily briefing. "…He believes that there is a common sense caucus in Washington that embraces the idea that compromise requires moving off of your absolutist positions, accepting that you don't get everything you want, that ideological purity is not achievable legislatively when you have a divided government, as we do in Washington."