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Lessons (for Obama) from Flight 253

Yet while the actions of these citizens send a strong, resilient message to individual terrorists they may get the chance to tackle before an act of terror can be carried out, Obama’s actions toward a multitude of terrorists -- like those currently held at Gitmo -- send a weak, faltering one. A message which could be easily be confused with an appeasement approach that will likely cost more American lives before we finally wake and fight as those aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 fought.

Consider the contrasts here. Citizens choked and restrained Abdulmutallab to stop him from completing his attack; some citizens were even burned in the process. Yet Obama is so concerned with how the world views our handling of “suspected terrorists” -- who are really actual terrorists captured on the battlefield -- that he is moving them from Gitmo, in Cuba, to a maximum security prison in Illinois where they can be treated as well as the guy whose crime was twice violating his restraining order.

Moreover, when trials began for these “suspected terrorists” they will not be held in military courts but in a federal courtroom in New York City.

You remember what happened in New York City, don’t you? That’s where thousands of Americas were killed on September 11, 2001, when two airplanes were hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center by what NPR might still describe as men with “possible ties to terrorism.”

We must ditch this soft approach to terrorism. We need to understand that apprehending terrorists by whatever means necessary and then holding them somewhere where they cannot threaten the American people is the only sound approach to dealing with people bent on killing infidels (i.e., you and me).

This is the lesson the attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 teaches those who are willing to listen, and it’s one that President Obama needs to hear.