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Lesson from NY-23: Of Course Conservatives Can Win

The Democrats have a serious loser on their hands today and they're just getting around to understanding what a boat anchor they've tied themselves to. Now is the time to move real conservatives into positions of power. Now is the time to show the kind of recovery and the kind of growth that will occur when conservatives are in charge and government is diminished. But that's not going to happen unless and until the party stands up for real conservatives and gets behind them. That doesn't mean offering the same old faces that got us into this mess.

Want to know why Doug Hoffman got so close to taking that seat? The endorsement of Sarah Palin. You may remember that the Republican establishment isn’t too happy about her either.

As another parallel, I offer the vote in Maine over gay marriage. I recently noted Michael Steele defending Olympia Snowe for being a liberal. He said, “Well, she works in Maine, after all.”  The rejection of gay marriage in Maine makes me wonder about Steele’s perceptions about the politics in that state.

Ask yourself if Olympia Snowe would have voted against homosexual marriage in Maine. If not, there’s your separation and ample evidence that Steele knows little to nothing of what he’s talking about. It goes a long way toward explaining why we’ve got such disconnects in the rest of the country as well, including in NY-23.

I have a message for Michael Steele and for Brian Walsh at the National Republican Congressional Committee. Start offering up conservatives and we will take you seriously. Until that happens, don't ask me for money or support. You won't get it.

It's time to return the Republican Party to conservative values and to people who are more committed to the conservative cause.  The rank and file of the party has always been there and recognize this.

Why doesn't the Republican leadership?