'Left' Behind: Tolerance and the Tea Party

As we noted in Thursday's continuous coverage, the radical leftists of the "Crash the Tea Party" movement simply failed to materialize at the estimated 2,000 Tax Day tea party protests. While the stated plans of CrashtheTeaParty.Org involved infiltration, the counterprotesters were simply woefully inept.

The creator of the site, Jason Levin, has now "infiltrated" himself into adminstrative leave while educational authorities investigate whether he was updating the site on school time.

The bulk of those who did show appeared to be college-aged or twentysomething hipsters more worried about meeting rather low standards of stylish irony than in effectively torpedoing the legitimate protests of tea partiers. Many others opted to be open and honest about their opposition the tea party message, exercising their First Amendment rights with integrity. We get that.

But some were sincerely trying to pass as tea partiers. They sucked at it.

Left-wing plans to portray the tea party protesters as racists and bigots were a complete and utter failure, but that doesn't mean there wasn't significant racism on display -- viewers of PJTV and readers of PJM captured examples of this horrific behavior in rallies across the nation.

Pete Denison was at the Denver tea party, where he captured this studly man holding up a sign proclaiming: "I Heart Teabagging." I'm sure he does.

Though the next time he tries to infiltrate a tea party, he might fit in better if his sidekick wore something other than her ACLU t-shirt.

Most efforts at inciting hatred weren't easily laughed off, however.

Jerry Stanton found this smug liberal standing behind the crowd at the New Haven, CT, Tea Party, with a foul two-sided sign.

After snapping these shots, Jerry told this fine specimen of liberal tolerance that his pictures would soon find their way on to the Internet (Jerry is an astute person). Mr. Tolerance's response? According to Jerry, he ran to the nearest police officer and complained.

Hi, Mr. Liberal Tolerance Guy.