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Latinos Go Conservative

Another organization is the Conservative Hispanic Society (CHS). This group boasts thousands of paid members in nearly all 50 states, and its recent campaigns have urged Latinos to “Vote Your Values.” The reasoning is that Hispanics are conservative on many issues. They value a strong work ethic and don’t believe the government ought to take an unfair share of honest money earned through hard work. On that front, they like to work and don’t advocate liberal policies that destroy the job market. The CHS also believes there is no majority in the Latino community that sanctions abortion on demand.

The CHS has endorsed Pastor Stephen Broden, an African American, in the 30th Congressional District race in Texas. He’s trying to unseat liberal Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, who is embroiled in a scholarship scandal. The CHS has also endorsed Sharron Angle in Nevada. The group event called Angle’s opponent “racial Reid.” That was a reaction to a recent comment from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.” The CHS also prides itself on having members of all races in paid membership. The group says all people that believe in conservative Hispanic values are welcome.

It is tragic that so many Latinos whose families risked so much to come to the promise that was America are finding that the leftist polices that made them flee their countries of origin have now taken root in the seats of power in Washington, D.C.

The most liberal president in U.S. history has taken pride in his consolidation of government control over the American people.  He calls it "change." Those first and second generation Hispanics, along with some from the third generation that know history, have seen this type of “change” before. But Obama has far greater accomplishments that will never find their way into a DNC ad.  Without President Obama, and his special brand of radical liberalism, the Tea Party would have never been born. And thousands of everyday Americans would still be on the sidelines just living their lives. President Obama’s greatest accomplishment may be the awakening of the conservative movement in the Latino community. Many are starting to take a look at Obama’s “change” and are recoiling in disgust. This time, instead of fleeing, Hispanics are choosing to fight!