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Latest Dem to Back Cory Booker Over Obama is...Van Jones?

I feel a strange disturbance in the universe. Twice in the past week, Van Jones has said something true and reasonable.

Last week, the former Obama red green czar accused AG Eric Holder and the media of racism over how both have handled the deadly Fast and Furious scandal. Today, Jones is tweeting in defense of Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

That's hard to argue with. Booker was, until this week, the sort of Democrat that Barack Obama could only claim to be. Booker had worked across the political divide, and he had succeeded in one of the most difficult mayoral jobs in the country. While Obama has run around touting his "gutsy call" to do what any president would have done regarding taking out Osama bin Laden, Booker made a real-life gutsy call to save his neighbors from a burning building.

And the thanks Booker gets for speaking his mind against the Obama campaign's pathetic attacks on Bain Capital? The Democrat dog house, and a humiliating hostage video. Van Jones gets one right: Cory Booker deserved better treatment than he is getting by the president's people.