Tuesday's 'Debate' Means Nothing — Perry's Pluses Are Still Undeniable

Can we even call what went down at Dartmouth last night a debate? Not in my book. But even so, the word is out that Governor Rick Perry is dead in the water after last night’s “debate” and the reason is that he is a rotten “debater” and can’t translate the Texas economic miracle into greater American lingo-ese.

Perry couldn’t win American Idol, that’s for sure.

But I still think writing off the governor of the most successful state in the union is a mistake Americans might not be able to afford at this point.

I’m old school when it comes to judging a candidate for president. Oh, I find myself getting all emotional and weak at the knees occasionally when I hear a booming speech or a tidbit of soaring, heartfelt oratory. I am, after all, female. But when it comes down to punching that ballot, I’m a real pragmatist looking for a proven track record in a sizable government of a state I admire.

And the more I read these days, Perry’s pluses are still undeniable – in spite of his falling poll numbers. Even if I take two points off Perry’s score for that Texas swagger and another five points for the debates and another ten for the sum of things he’s done against the perfectly conservative creed, that man still comes off looking like a president.

I’m forced to add in a bonus score for Perry due to the fact that by now Americans in the other 49 states are downright desperate for some Texas-brand prosperity.

And no matter how one chooses to slice, dice, or puree Perry’s record, one does not become the longest-serving governor of the second largest and most populous state in the union by happenstance. Perry isn’t the only Texan responsible for the Texas economic “miracle,” but to deny him a large chunk of the credit for such exemplary success in such extraordinarily bad times seems quite stupid.

The evidence of Perry’s economic prowess is clearly on display every time another analyst compares the liberal-utopian state, California, to the conservative-crown-jewel, Texas. California, once the ubiquitously acknowledged “Golden State,” has become the most tarnished bit of junk metal in the entire country. Meanwhile, Texas creates more economic gold for all her citizens every time the conservative legislature and their polished-cowboy governor put their heads together.

Image courtesty: Ivonne Wierink / Shutterstock