Larry Grathwohl, Hero

But don't expect his name or life story to be included among the self-congratulatory clamor coming from the media.

They are either ignorant of or don't want us to know about the truth laid out in Grathwohl's book. In a dry, straightforward manner, the author reports what he witnessed first-hand: "A world of hatred, drugs, and free sex." The book is filled with observations and direct quotes from the Weathermen, revealing their destructive blood lust fueled by the immature and morally bankrupt communist philosophy.

If this contradicts the established cultural narrative, it says something about the honesty, motivation, and moral philosophy of those who created that narrative.

That philosophy has a very tangible impact: the most immediate and painful example is the massive loss of savings, incomes, and jobs due to the country's mismanagement by unaccountable collectivists, their work accelerated by a president who openly sympathizes with the Weather Underground's "moral" objectives.

Supportive media and Hollywood continue to provide generous budgets, logistics, and free advertizing to any message that casts leftist radicals as positive cultural icons, from Che Guevara to Hugo Chavez to Bill Ayers.

To counter their efforts, Grathwohl and friends are now re-releasing his old book.

Not counting on the support of the publishing establishment, they are paying for it out of their own pockets. No reviews are expected in the New York Times, nor will there be mainstream media appearances.

As of today, the book can only be pre-ordered on the author's website, This in itself tells volumes about the balance of power between the professional left and the right. The narrative regarding powerful right-wing forces stifling the progressive message is obviously false -- but who wants to hear this?

Unable to critically analyze the changing reality, low-information voters keep plastering bumper stickers with Robert Fulghum's quote: "It will be a great day when our schools have all the money they need, and our air force has to have a bake-sale to buy a bomber." The truth is, such a day has now officially arrived: millions of taxpayer dollars already get poured into leftist indoctrination programs designed by bomb-throwing Bill Ayers, while those who try to save this country are reduced to holding the equivalent of a bake sale to defend it.