LAPD 'Special Order 7' a Godsend for Unlicensed Illegal Alien Drivers

Someone with a different perspective on “fairness” is Don Rosenberg, whose son Drew was killed by an unlicensed illegal immigrant in a San Francisco traffic collision in 2010.  Rosenberg, who has since become an activist on the issue, says unlicensed drivers are killing over 7,000 people a year in the United States.  “About 4,000 of those deaths are illegal aliens that are causing them,” he says, “so, I don’t see it as some minor offense.”

But why let a few thousand deaths stand in the way of social justice?  For Chief Beck and his like-minded allies on the issue, it is somehow “fair” to allow people who should not be here to drive the cars they should not drive to the jobs they should not have.

There are neighborhoods in Los Angeles where, if a police officer pulls over a driver and finds that he has a driver’s license and insurance, and that his car is properly registered at his current address, the officer is so moved at the rarity of the event he is tempted to take a picture with the man so he can show it to his friends.

When people ask me why I moved out of Los Angeles, the city where I was born and lived most of my life, the city where my father was born and lived most of his life, I have a long list of reasons.  You’ve just read about the latest one.