Land Fall Burying GOP Hopes for Michigan Senate Seat

Nothing Land has done on the petcoke issue has made much of an impact with Michigan voters, just like Land’s first campaign ad, “Really,” in which she disputed the idea that Peters understood women.

Land may have tried to make the case in the ad that she must know more about women than Peters, given her gender, but it is only working as a boomerang. Democrats have been pulling pictures of Land looking confused out of her ad, and putting them in their TV and print ads for Peters.

The Detroit News/WDIV survey shows Peters has a 16.6-point lead among women and a 30-point lead among independents.

Land’s campaign spokesman, Heather Swift, told the Detroit News the weak numbers should be blamed on Peters’ TV ads.

“Congressman Peters’ allies like the radical billionaire Tom Steyer are spending millions in false ads attacking Terri Lynn Land because they support Peters’ job-killing policies like cap-and-trade,” Swift said.

The Associated Press added to Land’s heartburn and Peters’ celebration by publishing a story before the PPP and Detroit News/WDIV polls were released Sept. 9 that showed Republican Party leaders are fed up with Land.

“She hasn’t made a strong impression,” Bob LaBrant, a former chief lobbyist for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, told the Associated Press.

James Davis, from the Koch brothers-affiliated group Freedom Partners, told the Associated Press his organization had pulled $878,000 worth of ads that would have supported Land because “there is a high interest in return on investment.”

“We make decisions based on the most effective use for each dollar at the time,” Davis said.

Bill Ballenger, one of the most respected political analysts in Michigan and a former Republican state senator, told the National Journal, “There have always been doubts about whether she can do it…she has done, in my view, some things that simply underscore the doubts and qualms about her.”

Yet the Michigan Republican Party continues to support Land, pointing to a CBS News/New York Times poll that put Land in the lead 43-42 percent, well within the 3-point margin of error.

“Peters’ flip-flops and pandering continue to hurt us (Michigan families), and there’s no amount of money his billionaire liberal allies or Washington special interests can dump into this race to change the damage he has already done, and would continue to do in the Senate,” said Darren Littell, the Michigan GOP communications director.