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Krauthammer to GOP: Don't Defund ObamaCare

I get what he's saying -- that Democrats will use defunding to blame for its ultimate failure -- but put me down as resolutely against Charles Krauthammer's gambit.  That gambit is, Republicans should fund ObamaCare, watch it fail, and then kill it.

A question arises, though: Just how long should they wait?  The Great Society/War on Poverty programs are both massive liberal failures.  Lack of funding has never been their problem, they're just bad policies.  But decade after decade, they keep getting funded because, once implemented, they took root.  Today there's no meaningful constituency for ending those policies.

ObamaCare could reasonably be expected to do two things if it's funded.  One, bad policy or not, it will take root and create dependencies.  And two, it will grow, get bigger, take over more of the health care system, force more insurers out, encourage more and more doctors to retire, etc., to the point that it has effectively become so entrenched that it can't be killed off without significant pain for the American people.  The Democrats have openly banked on both occurring, so that they will have the excuse to expand it so that it becomes a single payer system.  Don't take my word for it.  Listen to this guy.