Kirk: Obama’s Immigration Order ‘Incredibly Condescending to Latinos’

“I would like to terminate assistant to UNRWA, the UN Work and Relief Agency, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamas,” he said. “It’s not worthy of taxpayer support.”

Kirk currently serves as the chairman of the U.S.-China Working Group in the Senate. Chinese hackers reportedly breached U.S. weather systems and the satellite network. Hackers from China also hacked the computer systems at USPS and stole employees’ personal information. Kirk has addressed the issue with Chinese leaders.

“I’ve told them that they are creating a lot of anti-Chinese anger with these hacks,” he said.

“There’s a role for NSA’s mission to be expanded here to play defense in critical functions for the U.S. No foreign power should have the ability to hack and disrupt critical functions to the U.S. NSA should be given the mission of defending U.S. critical infrastructure,” he added.

Kirk said most cyber attacks come from Ukraine so the U.S. should increase pressure on the country.

“I think we should look at developing pressure against the Ukrainian government to make sure that we can extradite cyber criminals from the Ukrainian jurisdiction,” he said.