Kill Your Husband--Get a House and Car

So Mary Winkler, the woman who shot her husband, Matthew in the back a href=""has been granted supervised visits/a with her children by a judge:br /br /blockquotebr /HUNTINGDON, Tenn. - Carroll County Chancellor Ron Harmon ruled Wednesday night that a woman who fatally shot her minister husband could have supervised visitation of their three /br /Although Mary Winkler was denied custody, she will be allowed to visit the girls ages 10, 8 and 2 under supervised conditions. She can also talk to them on the phone every other /br /Winkler is on probation after serving about seven months in jail for shooting Matthew Winkler. /blockquotebr /a href=""/abr /br /Not only will this murderess get supervised visits with the kids, but now her enabling community a href=""has provided her with some goodies,/a just to show their support!br /br /blockquoteMary Winkler's supporters such as Kathy Thompson are helping her make a new home for /br /"She's asked for forgiveness," Thompson said. "It's our duty. The Bible tells us, if we don't forgive others God won't forgive us. So we're just trying to pick up pieces and go on."br /br /Winkler said the community has reached out to her, giving her everything from a five -bedroom home to live in for $150 to a car she's traded in for a sports utility vehicle./blockquotebr /br /What, the car wasn't good enough for her and she had to trade it in for a sports utility vehicle? Well, why not? Nothing's too good for Mary! It's hard to know who is sicker, Mary or her community.