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Keystone Pipeline Pits Rank and File Democrats Against a Billionaire. Guess Who's Winning?

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, Democrat, turned up on MSNBC and told faux blue eyes Ronan Farrow that she supports the Keystone XL Pipeline.

McCaskill told Farrow that "Clearly all of the studies have indicated we can do it safely through the united states. so i'm for it."

McCaskill is right on the science this time. Study after study has shown that the Keystone will be safe, and it will reduce emissions because no ships or trucks will be used to move the oil from Canada to the Texas coast. It will go through a pipe.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, also a Democrat, turned up on MSNBC, and also talked about energy. Rendell, who was once chairman of the Democratic Party, told the Morning Joe audience that he supports an all-of-the-above energy strategy, including alternative energy, fracking and the Keystone pipeline.

Polls show that about 70% of the American people support building the Keystone, but President Barack Obama isn't listening. San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer has pledged $100 million to help Democrats by donating to them. Steyer opposes the Keystone, and is using his money only to help Democrats who also oppose the Keystone. If you're a Democrat and you support the Keystone, Steyer's cash will not end up in your campaign.

Steyer warned President Obama to reject the Keystone, which would create thousands of jobs and reduce gas prices for Americans, or Steyer will use his wealth to attack Obama.

And the pipeline, so far, isn't going forward. President Obama has sold America's energy security to the highest bidder. Or, he just isn't strong enough to stand up to a billionaire.