Keith Olbermann 'Suspended Indefinitely Without Pay' (Updated)

It's been a rough year for Olbermann.  He got the ax earlier this year from NBC's Football Night in America. His liberal agenda, in the person of President Obama, has become about as popular as typhoid.  And now this.

Exit question: Given MSNBC's ratings, what do they do now?  Is Chris Matthews the next to run afoul of some policy or other?  Is an all-prison-documentary format in their future?

Update:  Hm.  The phrase "in-kind contributions" may have some relevance to all this.

Update: TV Newsers' sources are saying Olby won't be back.  As commenter Bertram Cabot Jr. notes, if Olby is gone, then the Devil may get his show.  But that's only if MSNBC is really trying to discover if there's such a thing as a negative audience share.  They're close enough to finding that out without hiring Alan Grayson.

Update: Eenteresting.  It backs up my ratings thoughts above.