Keeping Schools Safer Without Gun-Free Zones or More Guns

Senate Bill 491, which would only study new security technology for Indiana schools, died for lack of support in the Indiana Statehouse in March 2015.

Maurer said a new bill would be introduced in the 2016 legislative session.

“My hope is that there is never another child ever hurt by violence in a school again,” said Maurer. “It’s here. It’s now. We’ve gotta do it. Now is the time.”

Is it really? The Heritage Foundation’s Muhlhausen pointed out the Southwestern High School plan was really a no-brainer since Maurer’s school district (and her taxpayers) didn’t have to invest a dime to make it happen.

But when the Indiana legislature starting looking at the wisdom of spending perhaps millions of dollars statewide, they flinched. After all, as much play as the bloodshed gets in the media when massacres happen, mass murder in schools is, as Muhlhausen put it, “a low probability event.”

Because of that, Muhlhausen told the Daily Signal, it is probably unlikely that local and/or state officials are going to pony up the kind of cash it would take to make every school as safe as Southwestern High.

“They’re going to do the calculus and, you know, the only time it’s worth spending that kind of money is after the fact, and that’s very unfortunate.”