Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Frenemies Closer


There was a German witticism concerning Hitler's alliance with Mussolini. "If the Italians are against us, we will require five divisions to hold the Alps passes. If they are with us, we will require 25 divisions to shore them up."

Sure enough, from the Balkans to North Africa, Mussolini kept requiring German tongs to pull his bacon out of the fire. Worse yet for Germany's aims in the East, the Italian Army, screening the left flank of Hitler's Stalingrad salient, collapsed when counterattacked by the Soviets. As a result, Friedrich Paulus's 6th Army was cut off and destroyed inside Stalingrad. The Soviet victory there turned the tide on the Eastern Front.

The point here isn't to pick on the Italians, who had been badly outnumbered and outgunned along the Don River, but rather to illustrate how vital it is to choose your friends… wisely.

Take for another example our president, Barack Obama, and some of his rather unfortunate friendships.

The first is the Democrat Senate Caucus of 2008. They've stood by their leader through thick (passing the stimulus, Dodd-Frank, ♡bamaCare!!!) and through thin (the actual results of the stimulus, Dodd-Frank, ♡bamaCare!!!), but now their time is running short. Maureen Dowd writes of them:

Democratic panic has set in.

With the health care sign-up period coming to an end this month, Democrats in Congress are looking over at the White House and realizing that the president is not only incapable of saving them, but he looks like a big anchor tied around their necks.

Charlie Cook notes that the political winds suggest a "really bad year for the party in the upper chamber."

Democrats chose… poorly.