Keep Guantanamo Open, Mr. President

When it comes to President Obama's campaign promise to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention center, many supporters were quick to praise his reversal of President Bush's policy. Those champions of terrorists' rights are singing a different tune now that they're facing the real life implications of such an action -- namely, the very real possibility that some of the world's most dangerous and depraved minds will be relocated to their own backyards.

The Obama administration and liberal Democrat leadership claim the closure of the facility is imperative to overhauling America's image abroad. President Obama has evidenced his desire to appeal to other countries from his remarks criticizing his own nation while overseas during his European tour. But the United States needs to ask itself why it is seeking the role of Miss Congeniality at times when actions that may (or may not) improve our global stature endanger the safety and well-being of American citizens.

How does the closure of Gitmo make Americans safer? It doesn't. Our president plans to shut down the facility with no plan forward once the doors close permanently, except to bring some of the dangerous men currently held behind its walls onto American soil. Some critics contend that concerned conservatives are grossly exaggerating the security issue. If that is the case, then why haven't other nations the Obama administration is so eager to please -- nations adamantly decrying the existence of the facility -- stepped up to help offer a solution and accept the detainees?

Because they're not stupid! They do not want to throw out the welcome mat to trained, unrepentant terrorists who have dedicated themselves to murder and destruction. Hence our current predicament. Yet the Obama administration is so eager to win brownie points with foreign countries that it is willing to sacrifice the safety of its own. Unfortunately, this administration is so firmly plugged into campaign mode and unplugged from reality, it is not aware that a major problem in U.S. prisons is recruiting by radical Muslims within the prison system. What happens if you add to that prison system the most effective terrorist recruiters in world history? Once on American soil and in our federal prison system, their world of manipulation reopens.

During my trip latest trip to Gitmo a few months ago, I was made aware of the conniving efforts of detainees to successfully throw urine or feces onto our U.S. military guards about three dozen times a day. I was aghast, and as a former law and order judge, I wanted to know what was being done. It turns out that the soldiers are not allowed to react at all. One guard allowed his immediate anger to bring forth a retort of "You (??) terrorist," and he received an Article 15 (non-judicial punishment of restriction and extra duty). The commander said that in most prisons an inmate assaulting a guard would be placed in isolation. However, there are so many international groups whose biggest concern is that these terrorists not be placed into isolation that it never occurs. They do usually lose a couple of hours of their movie watching privileges or, if it is a bad enough incident, lose a couple of their several hours outside.