Kathleen Sebelius' Constitutional Ignorance

Gowdy said he was more than a little stunned at some of Sebelius' answers:

My goal was to have a conversation about her mandate without using the word contraception. Because if it's contraception this week it'll be something else next week. I was a little surprised she didn't think it was a constitutional issue, because how could it be anything but? It makes it tough when you've sworn to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution when you don't know what it says.

Additionally, he said the birth control mandate is a "tawdry, transparent, patently political ploy," and added that he has both a wife and a daughter and doesn't "need lectures from her about women's health."

Gowdy said he's not expecting Sebelius to come to an understanding of a citizen's constitutional rights or the unconstitutionality of Obamacare and the contraceptive mandate:

I'd settle for her understanding our religious liberties are not to be balanced with anything.