Karl Marx's Bearded Ladies

Used to be you needed to go to the traveling carnival for a good old-fashioned freak show. What with Lobster Boy, the Bearded Lady, and the occasional fire-eater or sword-swallower, you were guaranteed an evening of ewws and agghhs. Nowadays you don’t have to wait for the carnies to come to town. You just need to read the latest dispatches from today’s Left, particularly the world of modern feminism.

Case in point: Pennsylvania state Rep. Babette Josephs, who likened pro-life women to “men with breasts” because of their support for a pro-life bill. Objecting to the proposed law to require women seeking abortions to first get an ultrasound, Josephs said,

I do not understand how a woman in this Legislature can say to herself: "I’m not capable of making my own health decisions … but I can get elected and make them for somebody else." What is wrong with these women? ... Are they women? Or are they men with breasts?

The multiple unquestioned assumptions behind this statement make it difficult to know where to begin, but let’s start with the biggest one: all women as women have the same goals and aspirations. All women as women think alike. There can be no deviation. If a woman expresses an opinion that differs from what women “should” think, she cannot be a woman. She must be a man, albeit with breasts. Or a bearded lady, such is the freakiness of her position.

This is nothing more than warmed-over Marxism. Everyone is a member of a class, whether she realizes it or not, and each class has its own interests. While Marx was satisfied with only two classes, the bourgeoisie or the proletariat, today’s Leftism sees multiple “communities”—no one wants to use the word class anymore—where people are pigeonholed according to their economic strata, race, gender, sexual preference, you name it. The categories are as mutable as a ball of Silly Putty. (I’m a proud member of the Caucaso-American of Uncertain Northern European Heritage But There’s Probably Some Danish In There Somewhere Community. My wife is a member of the Caucaso-Britannic With A Dash of Irish Thrown In Community.)