Justice Department Failure: Suit Filed Over DOJ Refusal to Clean Up Voter Rolls

Jefferson Davis County has been in the news since then. It was the site of a 2007 election dispute which involved “a dead man voting, a man voting while in the (hospital) ICU,” and other problems according to Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann. Yet the same Civil Rights Division that is refusing to enforce Section 8 in Mississippi is also trying to stop Mississippi from implementing a voter ID requirement approved overwhelmingly by the state’s voters. And it is the same Division that failed to remove (or discipline) one of its Voting Section employees from participation in the review of voting cases in Mississippi after she called Mississippi residents “disgusting” and “shameful” for approving voter ID.

These are the first lawsuits from the ACRU’s “Election Integrity Defense Project,” which is headed by former Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese. By trying to enforce federal laws intended to secure the integrity of our democratic process and our most fundamental right -- the right to vote in free and fair elections -- the ACRU is doing what the Justice Department should be doing, and would be doing if its law enforcement decisions were not so politicized.