Justice Department Betrays MLK's Dream

For decades this nation has followed a bizarre racial path in which discrimination in favor of minorities has been viewed as the path to non-discrimination and equality. This view, influenced by white guilt over the past, has spawned a racial grievance industry dominated by racial entitlements, race-based preferences, and unequal enforcement of federal civil rights laws. It is a scandal obscured by the fact that most of us are embarrassed to complain about it for fear of being tarred as right-wing racists or worse.

I find myself uncomfortable even discussing the subject, because for most of my life I was a liberal Democrat -- I was on the front lines of the original civil rights movement of the '50s and '60s as a protester on the streets and as a federal civil rights official. I was present in the deep South to expose and dismantle the vast machinery of violent racial discrimination which was truly a stain on our national honor.

Like many other officials, I confronted white racists who were terrorizing innocent black citizens. We have not yet succeeded in completely halting such awful practices, but the election of an African American to the White House by a majority white electorate, including me, is proof of just how far we have come in the proper direction.

What outrages me is that despite our country’s wonderful successes, too many seek to gain and hold power by cynically perpetuating and exploiting racial grievances. These racial racketeers seek to convince minority members that nothing will help them improve their lives unless they buy into the myth of racial helplessness and continuing victimhood.

Those leading this destructive scam are both blacks and whites in positions of power, including -- to my astonishment -- lawyers in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division who once were involved with me in securing the destruction of racial segregation.

When I led an official federal investigation of the Civil Rights Division in 1960, I found lawyers dedicated to the race-neutral enforcement of the civil rights laws.

The current crop of racial racketeers, in and out of government, have betrayed the dream of my idol Martin Luther King Jr., and my own dream and the dreams of millions of others in the real civil rights movement.

Some of the worst aspects of this dream-betraying behavior were brought home to me on July 6, 2010, at a Commission on Civil Rights hearing: I watched attorney J. Christian Adams blow the whistle on the Obama/Holder Justice Department for its racially motivated decision to drop most of the charges in the already-won New Black Panther voter intimidation case because the defendants were black.