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Just How Leftist Has the Democratic Party Become?

The ADA is not the only group that puts out congressional vote ratings. A look at the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) vote ratings confirms the ADA findings that the Democratic Party in Congress has become almost exclusively a club for liberals. According to the ACU’s statistics (based on 25 votes), 98 percent of House Democrats voted against the ACU position at least two-thirds of the time, and 92 percent of the Democratic representatives voted against the ACU’s position at least four-fifths of the time.

But as remarkably liberal as the House Democrats were in 2008 according to the ACU’s statistics, the Democrats in the upper chamber were even more so. An astonishing 94 percent of the Democratic senators voted against the ACU’s position at least four-fifths of the time in 2008, and not one Democratic senator managed to escape the liberal third.

However, the liberal composition of the congressional Democratic caucuses perhaps becomes most apparent when you look at the performance of that group of maverick Democrats known as the Blue Dogs. Of the current Blue Dogs that were serving in 2008, the typical (median) member voted with the ACU only 12 percent of the time. And this from a group that claims on its website that it was formed “with the goal of representing the center of the House of Representatives and appealing to the mainstream values of the American public.”

The performance of these Blue Dogs in 2008 was actually quite close to the typical congressional Democrat’s woeful performance over the entire ten-year period between 1999 and 2008. During this period the typical Democrat in the House averaged an ACU score of 8, while the typical Democrat in the Senate averaged an ACU score of 10.

So as you can see, the Democratic Party -- a party that had tried to give us HillaryCare before Barack Obama even attained his first elective office -- had lurched left before The One came to town. It had clearly taken up residence on the far left no later than 2007, as 91 percent of the Democrats in the House and 96 percent of the Democrats in the Senate voted against the ACU’s position at least 80 percent of the time that year -- a year in which the typical Democrat in the House voted against the ACU position every single time.

The good news is there is an upside to America’s dreadful decision to give these people complete control. They are out in the open now, and if it turns out that Katy Abram was on to something back in August when she told Arlen Specter “you have awakened the sleeping giant,” a party this far to the left of the American center is going to have a hell of a time putting him back to sleep. What did Obama say about putting lipstick on a pig?