July 4 Heartwarmer: A Marine and His Miracle Dog

Dennis speculates:

Dogs are smart and there are many accounts of them tracking their owners or finding their way home over long distances. Nubs knew which way we went, and he just started walking. Maybe he tracked the Hummer or perhaps the vehicles left a scent.

After being reunited with Dennis, the unit decided to adopt Nubs. Says Dennis:

Nubs was a huge morale booster. Dogs just make people smile. They can brighten your day in a pretty gloomy, tension-filled place.

Nubs was given a Marine collar, food, and love. Unfortunately, it was not yet a happy ending: two soldiers not in the unit reported Nubs. The unit was ordered to “get rid of the dog, or else.” Knowing he was not going to lose Nubs again, Dennis successfully raised, in two weeks, the $2,000 needed to bring Nubs to San Diego, California. Nubs is currently staying with friends of Dennis while he is deployed. Brian is expected to be permanently home sometime this year.

Brian writes in the book:

This dog who had been through a lifetime of fighting, war, and abuse was going to have a nice sunny life and would never be cold again.