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Judges selected to hear Florida ObamaCare case

According to this article, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals judges who will hear arguments and write the decision in the Florida ObamaCare case have been selected, randomly. The arguments will be held on June 8th.

The judges are Chief Judge Joel Dubina and Circuit Judges Frank Hull and Stanley Marcus. For what if anything it's worth to the pundits who try to predict results from such things, Chief Judge Dubina is reasonably conservative, was nominated by President George H.W. Bush and his daughter is

U.S. Rep. Martha Dubina Roby, a Montgomery, Ala., Republican elected in November, [who] voted to repeal the health care ban because she said it was "less about providing health care for all citizens, and more about expanding federal government."

Judge Hull was appointed by President Clinton and "has a reputation for peppering attorneys with challenging questions, often knowing the case as well as some of the attorneys involved." That's probably good.

Marcus, [a Clinton nominee]  like Hull, is considered a left-leaning judge but not known as an ideologue. He was a member of an elite task force in the late 1970s that investigated organized crime, and later became the U.S. attorney in Miami from 1983 to 1985, overseeing thousands of cases. He then spent 12 years as a federal judge in Florida. He, too, takes an aggressive approach during oral arguments, often cutting off attorneys.

Perhaps an audio recording of the oral argument will be available, as was the case with the Fourth Circuit oral argument on ObamaCare.